This is the official 1.1.4 Release of Spree. This is a trivial release, and so backwards compatibility with extensions and applications is guaranteed.

This will be the final release of the 1.1.x branch for Spree. We would recommend upgrading to 1.2.x as soon as possible.

Major fixes


This new version of Spree most likely contains new migrations. Please install them and run them with this command:

bundle exec rake railties:install:migrations
bundle exec rake db:migrate

Rails dependency upgraded

Due to a security bug within Rails, we have upgraded the dependency of Rails to be 3.2.9. You will not be able to use Rails 3.2.8 with Spree 1.1.4. It’s highly encouraged you upgrade your Rails version.

JavaScript changes

If you are upgrading from an older version of Spree 1.1, please make sure that your JavaScript requires are correct within app/assets/javascripts.

Inside app/assets/javascripts/admin/all.js, the directives should be this:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs

//= require admin/spree_core
//= require admin/spree_auth
//= require admin/spree_promo

//= require_tree .

Inside app/assets/javascripts/store/all.js, the directives should be this:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs

//= require store/spree_core
//= require store/spree_auth
//= require store/spree_promo

//= require_tree .

These changes are important, as they fix Issue #1854.

Minor fixes

  • Ensure there is a valid state during the checkout. #1770
  • Use GET request for /user/logout. #1663 and #1812
  • Use product description if no meta description is provided. #1811
  • Don’t update product.count_on_hand if track inventory labels is disabled. #1820
  • Set payment state to credit_owed if order is cancelled and nothing is shipped. #1513
  • Added ignore_types option for flash_messages to ignore specific types of flash messages. #1835
  • Added large image placeholder. #1828
  • Assets are no longer precompiled during the installation process. #1854
  • API responses now return the correct content type. #1866
  • I18n-ify order cancel, confirmation and shipment emails. #1884
  • Preferences are now checked for in database before falling back to their defined-defaults. #1500
  • Deleted shipping methods are no longer visible in the admin backend. #1847 and #1967.
  • Moved admin JS translations out to their own partial (core/app/views/admin/shared/_translations.html.erb) #1906
  • Fixed error where admin page for tax rates would not load if a tax rate didn’t have a valid zone. #2019
  • Fixed incorrect PriceSack calculation #2055
  • InventoryUnit#restock_variant will no longer alter variant.count_on_hand if inventory tracking is disabled.
  • Orders with all return authorizations received are now marked as returned. #1714 and #2097
  • Product.in_taxons will now only return unique products. #1917 and #1974 and #1962
  • Product.on_hand no longer sums deleted variants. #2112
  • EXIF data is now stripped from uploaded JPEGs #2145
  • OrdersController#show now requires SSL, as it contains sensitive data. #2164.